Election results 2017: Theresa May says sorry to defeated Tory candidates as she eyes deal with DUP

9 Jun

A government minister, who did not want to be named, has called for the Conservative party chairman to “fall on his sword today”. 

The minister told the Press Association: “The general feeling is that the election really should not have been called. That was, frankly, the feeling before the election.

“We had a pledge that there wouldn’t be an election and there was, so that’s going down rather badly.”

The minister said the manifesto had been “ill-thought out”.

“A lot of personal blame is being attached to the party chairman who appears to have been completely invisible both during the campaign and since.

“There’s a general feeling the party chairman should go.

“There’s also a feeling that the Prime Minister relies on too small a coterie of advisers and that’s got to change as well.

“However, there’s a feeling that it’s impossible for her to step down. Clearly what we need at the moment is stability.”

Asked about suggestions Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was on manoeuvres, they replied: “He should basically just pipe down if he is doing that.

“He embarrassed himself once before less than 12 months ago, severely embarrassed himself.”

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