Emmanuel Macron stands on brink of French presidency and vows to ‘protect, transform and build’

24 Apr

In a campaign that focused more on personalities than policies, his “neither Left nor Right” manifesto offered few bold initiatives.

He is calling for a loosening of regulations to make France more business-friendly, but has stopped short of the Thatcherite reforms and drastic cuts proposed by the scandal-tainted centre-Right candidate, François Fillon.

He has promised to invest €50 billion in public services, reduce council tax and cut France’s generous unemployment benefits.

Eric Beala, 35, a computer engineer, said: “Life is going to change. This is a man who isn’t a traditional French politician. This is more American-style — I mean Obama, not Trump.”

Rachel-Flore Pardo, 23, a law student, said: “This is wonderful for us. All the work we’ve done has paid off.”

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