‘EU is in trouble’ Diehard eurosceptics clinch HALF the vote in France despite Macron win

24 Apr

He tweeted: “Only 49.44% of French voters backed broadly pro-EU candidates (Macron + Fillon + Hamon). 49.31% voted for far-right or far-left ones.” 

Even if the two candidates’ views towards Europe were not the main factor in people choosing to vote for them, the results indicate that many French people do not feel strongly enough in favour of the EU to prioritise its future over domestic concerns. 

And eurobarometer figures show that euroscepticism has been on the rise in France for some time, with just 53 per cent of people feeling “attached” to the idea of the EU, only slightly higher than the 46 per cent figure for Britain. 

However, in equal measure there is little public appetite for pulling the country out of the euro currency, something which is advocated by both Ms Le Pen and Mr Melenchon.

French voters will choose their next president in the second round of the election, due to take place on May 6. Mr Macron is the overwhelming favourite to win the contest, with polls showing him leading Ms Le Pen by 60% to 40%. 

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