EU Withdrawal Bill LIVE: Tory Remainer Ken Clarke BLASTS May’s ‘silly’ exit date amendment

14 Nov

4.25pm GMT:

Tory Remainer Ken Clarke says British governments have always been pro-EU regulation.

He branded the Government’s amendments “silly” in a barnstorming speech which earned him a round of applause.

The EU has tried setting up deregulatory committees but no governments, including Britain, have ever submitted laws they would like to see abolished.

Mr Clarke, a former minister in John Major’s Government, says he is confused at the level of rejoicing about the end of regulations when Britain has never attempted to deregulate before.

Responding to a question by former environment secretary Owen Paterson, asked Clarke to admit that regulations under the common fisheries policy, for example, had been bad for the UK.

But Clarke  said: “Fishermen seem to believe that if we exclude foreign ships from our waters, we can wave away all this science stuff about over fishing and we’ll no longer have quotas.”

He claims the British like high regulation and high standards.

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