EXCLUSIVE: Eurosceptics fight back against ‘Remainer coup’ and demand meeting with Barnier

30 Oct

And last week it emerged that influential Tories are plotting to go over Mrs May’s head and hold direct talks with Brussels in a bid to steer the UK towards a softer Brexit inside the single market.

In his letter, Mr Woolfe writes: “As you will be aware, Mr Clegg, Mr Clarke and Lord Adonis do not hold any official, representative position to the UK Government. In addition to this, Mr Clegg no longer holds any elected position in the UK at all, and is in fact a private citizen.

“By meeting with these individuals, there is a risk that a perception develops that you are holding secondary, parallel and unofficial discussions with individuals outside of the UK Government. 

“It is widely known that Mr Clegg, Mr Clarke and Lord Adonis have very different positions to the UK Government on its negotiating position, and have at times been openly critical of the Government’s policy.

“As a result, the risk of a perception developing that you are establishing secondary backchannels around the Government is significantly higher than you having met with other individuals.” 

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