Exclusive: Wife of ‘Top Gun’ war hero Simon Rawlins is finally coming home after being granted visa 

19 Oct

A “Top Gun” war hero whose wife was left homeless in the US due to complications with her visa has now been accepted into Britain after her plight was highlighted by The Telegraph.

After months of uncertainty, Commander Simon Rawlins’ wife Marianne has finally had her visa issues resolved, with Home Office officials confirming that she was now free to return home.

In a statement, the department said: “We have received all the information we requested to process Mrs Rawlins’ application and we have today issued her visa. We have also contacted her to apologise for any inconvenience.”

Mrs Rawlins added that she was “very grateful” for the wave of support shown to them after their case was brought to light.

It comes a day after the decorated Royal Navy pilot wrote a letter in this newspaper revealing that his wife, Marianne, a US citizen from California, had been left in limbo despite numerous attempts to get answers from immigration officials.

Commander Rawlins, 39, who is known as “Top Gun” amongst his colleagues, is a respected figure within the Armed Forces, having achieved a record number of flying hours for his service in Afghanistan.

In a previous interview, the naval officer, who has served 20 years in the Navy, described how he had been involved in a series of high-risk raids on Taliban strongholds during the conflict.

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