EXPOSED: Report CONFIRMS BBC was ‘strongly biased AGAINST Brexit’ in run-up to referendum

14 May

A previous report into the Today programme by News-Watch revealed that in the six months immediately after last year’s historic referendum, from 24 June to 22 December, 192 of the 366 guests (52.5 per cent) were negative about the impact of the vote and only 60 (16.3 per cent) expressed opinions which were positive.

The latest report into Today’s coverage of Article 50 week, said: “The overall gloom was buttressed by the programme’s editorial approach. Presenters and correspondents pushed at every opportunity to illustrate existing and potential problems.

“They were strongly adversarial towards Brexit supporters, but much less so to guests who advocated that the UK was, in effect, now staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.”

It was scathing about the “so-called fact checker” Chris Morris, saying that he “focused on topics which showed Brexit in a negative light, and he even failed at the elementary level to point out that ‘EU money’ is actually provided UK taxpayers (an enduring BBC failure)”.

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