General election 2017: Labour promises NHS staff a pay rise – politics live

26 Apr

Scrapping university tuition fees. Jeremy Corbyn said: ‘At the moment what we’re doing is asking students to fund universities rather than the public to fund universities. I would rather move in to the other way around, with public funding of it … It would be largely on levels of corporate taxation’ (Victoria Derbyshire Labour Leadership Hustings, 17 August 2016).

Reversing changes to Universal Credit. John McDonnell: ‘Universal Credit. We’re hoping on Wednesday the government will reverse that … If you had a fair taxation system, you weren’t giving the tax giveaways to corporations and to the rich, if you seriously tackle tax evasion and tax avoidance, if you grew the economy we’d be able to afford – we’d be able to afford our public services’ (The Andrew Marr Show, BBC One, 21 November 2016).

Schools budget. Angela Rayner: ‘you can’t keep cutting the budgets for schools’. (Interviewer: ‘But where are you going to get the money from?’). Rayner: ‘Well the government have cut corporation tax, we’re one of the lowest corporation tax economies across Europe, that didn’t need to happen’ (BBC Radio 4, The World at One, 17 March 2017).

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