General election 2017: Theresa May speaks at Scottish Conservatives’ manifesto launch – politics live

19 May

As long as I am prime minister, I will never stand by and let our union drift apart.

Too often in the past, UK governments have tended to ‘devolve and forget’.

The government I lead will put that right.

We will make the institutions of our United Kingdom a force for good across the whole UK.

The UK government already employs more civil servants in Scotland than the Scottish government does, and Scotland makes a major contribution to the UK’s defence estate.

But I want us to do more to ensure that all parts of our union, including the great cities of Scotland, can play a bigger role in our shared national life.

I am ambitious for everyone in Britain, and a government for the whole UK will leave no one behind in our efforts to spread opportunity and prosperity.

So we will help the Scottish economy, putting Scottish industries at the centre of our modern industrial strategy.

Scotland is an economic powerhouse within our United Kingdom and I want to do all I can to help it grow and flourish.

And as we develop our new trade policies, we will use the United Kingdom’s muscle to promote Scottish exports more effectively around the world.

We will build on the success of the city deals which the UK government has pioneered across Scotland, to help spread prosperity further.

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