Government’s flagship Brexit legislation ‘facing further delays’ amid prospect of Tory rebellion

18 Oct

Theresa May’s flagship Brexit legislation is facing further delays and may not be debated by MPs for weeks because of the threat of a Tory rebellion, according to reports. 

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill had been expected to return to the House of Commons for further debate next week having already been delayed because of fears the Government could face embarrassing defeats on key issues. 

But now reports suggest the Bill may not move forward until after Parliament’s week-long recess at the start of November. 

The Government has previously insisted the legislation had not been delayed because no fixed date had been set in stone for it to return to the Commons for further scrutiny by MPs. 

But Labour said the potential delay showed there was “chaos at the heart of Government” as ministers attempt to placate Tory rebels who are angry over some aspects of the Bill, particularly over plans to hand ministers so-called Henry VIII powers to allow them to change laws without full parliamentary scrutiny. 

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