‘Here are our red lines’ EU parliament boss meets May in London to lay down Brexit demands

20 Apr

Mr Tajani also insisted that Jean-Claude Juncker’s handpicked negotiator, Frenchman Mr Barnier, had his “full trust and support” to lead the bloc into what are likely to be fractious divorce talks. 

Earlier this month MEPs passed a motion drafted by the parliament’s negotiator, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, laying out its priorities for the Brexit talks. 

The issue of residency rights should be easily resolved once the negotiations proper begin, with both London and Brussels keen to strike a speedy reciprocal deal which will provide certainty to millions of families. 

But other demands laid down by MEPs may prove tougher obstacles to the talks. In particular, they have threatened to veto any Brexit deal if the UK looks to strike trade deals with other countries before leaving the bloc in March 2019. 

The Parliament is also insisting that any transitional agreement must be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and compliant with EU treaties, breaching one of Mrs May’s own red line pledges to free Britain from interference by euro judges. 

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