How North Korea could be using algae to fight sanctions

25 Oct

It may not be a nation famed for its eco-credentials. But North Korea is reportedly developing large quantities of algae in a bid to counter the impact of sanctions.

Pyongyang’s algae industry is currently being cultivated as a “strategic resource” ​which will help mitigate the negative effect of sanctions, according to analysts from the website 38 North.

North Korea has operated research facilities, including open ponds and aquaculture systems, for the past nine years, although their activities have reportedly accelerated recently.

“A new algal research facility just outside of Wonsan, North Korea, suggests growing interest in developing algae as a strategic resource to diversify sources of energy supplies and improve agricultural production, which could over time reduce the country’s vulnerability to sanctions,” reports 38 North.

North Korea is increasingly under pressure due to a growing list of sanctions in response to its nuclear and missile development programme.

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