Humiliation for Peter Mandelson as europhile Tory MPs QUIT anti-Brexit campaign

25 Apr

Richard Tice, co-chairman of Brexit campaigners Leave Means Leave, said: “Open Britain have been in denial about the reality that Britain is leaving the EU. They need to wake up and embrace the democratic decision for Brexit.

“They have continually demonstrated how out of touch they really are. Resigning from Open Britain is the right thing to do.”

Those seats being targeted by the pro-EU campaigners include leading Brexit supporters such as Labour MP Kate Hoey, former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and ex-Northern Ireland secretary Theresa Villiers.

Launching Open Britain’s general election efforts, Lord Mandelson had said: “As a former European Trade Commissioner, I have seen such negotiations from the inside. For Britain to get the best possible trade deal, it is totally counter-productive for Theresa May to go into them with a rigid set of red lines.

“With millions of jobs at stake, she must explore all options to secure the continuity of Britain’s trade and investment in Europe.

“Election candidates of all parties should be demanding that a hard Brexit is rejected and making clear that they will reserve judgement on the outcome until they see whether we get exactly the same trade benefits, as [Brexit Secretary] David Davis has promised.

“Nobody has to take a position on this now: they just have to ask the right questions and keep an open mind about the answers.”

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