Icelandic voters set to oust centre-right government in snap election

29 Oct

Early vote count suggests that Icelanders, angry over a string of political scandals, have ousted their centre-right government in national elections on Saturday.

It remains uncertain however if the charismatic centre-left leader has gained enough support to form a new coalition.

With the prospect of two new parties in parliament, and one of the parties in the current tri-party government not getting enough votes to get into parliament, the scene is set for possibly months of difficult coalition talks.

In early counting, the Independence Party, the main party in the current government coalition, lost 3 percentage points from last year’s election to land at 26 percent of the votes.

The Left-Green Movement, headed by the charismatic Katrin Jakobsdottir, 41, came in second with 17 percent, up 1 percentage point from last year’s election, and its probable ally the Social Democrats in third with 13 percent, almost doubling its size.

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