‘Influential’ European companies will push EU leaders into signing good deal with Britain

28 Oct

Meanwhile, Tory MEP Syed Kamall revealed to express.co.uk that European leaders have already admitted to him privately they will soften their position on trade if Brexit starts to threaten exporters. 

The prominent euro MP, who leads the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) grouping in the EU Parliament, said national capitals are even prepared to “break the unity of the 27” to protect trade. 

He said: “When I speak to ministers and actually prime ministers as well, I say to them guys are you really serious about this sequencing, surely you want to talk about trade? 

“You’ve got exporters selling to the UK, you buy stuff from the UK, are you really prepared to just sort of do the sequencing and leave no time for trade talks? 

“They say to me look, we will preserve the unity of the EU27 as long as possible but if it starts getting to a stage that we feel that our exporters can no longer sell to the UK, we’ll break the unity of the 27. 

“We may not do it publicly but we will put pressure on to move onto trade talks. I now know there are ministers and prime ministers who are saying for goodness sake, we’ve got to talk about trade.” 

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