Investigation over ‘transphobic’ Labour MP

24 Oct

The probe follows a string of historical offensive online comments and new claims he used transphobic slurs and called a woman he dated an “ugly b****”.

Sophie Evans said he made the comments in March – just months before being elected.

The Sheffield Hallam MP, who has already resigned from Parliament’s Equalities Committee and claimed to have been on a “journey” since his days as a sexist and a homophobe, denies the new accusations.

He told Sky News: “The allegation made against me is categorically untrue.”

Ms Evans said on Tuesday she met the now Labour MP on a dating app, went out with him, but decided it wasn’t to be.

“We were outside a club in Sheffield,” she told Sky News. “He looked me up and down and said a lot of stuff that isn’t repeatable but then called me an ugly b****.

“I was really annoyed when people were trying to defend him….colleagues in the Labour Party saying it was a long time ago that he made the misogynistic and sexist comments.

“Well the insults against me were this year – just months before he stood as an MP. I don’t have any political affiliation but I don’t think he is fit to be an MP.”

Earlier, she told the BBC’s Daily Politics programme Mr O’Mara had also used “transphobic slurs” – abusive statements against transgender people.

Rayner: O’Mara apology was ‘heartfelt’

On Monday, Mr O’Mara was applauded by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other MPs for offering a “mea culpa” for comments made on an online forum between 2002 and 2004.

Among them were posts calling gay people “fudge-packers” and suggesting singer Jamie Cullum should be raped to death with his own piano.

A senior Labour source told Sky News of Mr O’Mara’s apology: “He talked about his own experience as a young man, his own journey and his history as a disabled person.

“The room was silent while he was speaking. You could hear a pin drop.”

Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner told Sky News the apology was “heartfelt”.

But after the fresh claims surfaced, MP Jess Phillips backed an investigation into him.

She wrote on Twitter: “The slings and arrows that pierced the flesh of people in the Labour movement who fought and fight for equality cannot be worn to cloak bad behaviour. It’s right that there is an investigation.”

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Debbie Abrahams also told Sky News “due process” should be followed and that it was right Mr O’Mara had not lost the party whip.

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