Is Merkel BLUFFING? Leaked paper shows Germany is preparing for EU trade deal with Britain

18 Oct

And yesterday the Belgian deputy PM pointed the finger at some of his fellow EU member states accusing them of making the negotiations more difficult. 

The leaked paper, obtained by Bloomberg, has been circulated across the German government but does not yet form its official policy on Brexit. 

It is a four-page document, dated for October 11, which calls for a “comprehensive free-trade accord” between the EU and UK beyond 2019. 

According to officials this accord should be “balanced, ambitious and far-reaching” but avoid any chance of the UK “cherry-picking” Single Market access for competitive advantage.  

The dossier states: “We share the UK’s desire to secure a close partnership with the Union after its exit that covers economic and trade relations.” 

It also proposes a partnership that covers “at a minimum” the fields of foreign and security policy, fighting terrorism, cooperation on criminal justice, agriculture and fisheries, energy, transport, research and digital issues.

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