‘It wasn’t enough!’ Tusk insists EU made ‘sacrifices’ to try and keep Britain inside bloc

24 Oct

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung sourced its story to “colleagues” of the EU boss but he yesterday hit back insisting that “none” of the picture painted was true and that the PM had been fighting fit. 

His chief of staff, the controversial German official Martin Selmayr, was blamed for the leak but he hit back and suggested those who want a no-deal Brexit were trying to drive a wedge between Britain and the EU. 

And today Mr Juncker said: “I would like to say that the Commission is not negotiating in a hostile mood. We want a deal. Those who don’t want a deal, the no-dealers, they have no friends in the Commission. 

“We want a fair deal we would and we will have a fair deal, the no deal is not our working assumption.” 

However, Mr Juncker’s point was swiftly undermined the chairman of his own political grouping and one of the EU Parliament’s most prominent MEPs, Manfred Weber, who praised European capitals for preparing for no-deal.

The German told the chamber: “We’re preparing a scenario for leaving without an agreement, I think that’s a good step. And the business community that is what we see from London side is getting more and more nervous. 

“The Brexiteers have no common plan for the future of their country especially their relationships towards the EU. We cannot accept that a country outside the EU will have the same conditions and the same status like a country inside of the EU so there must be a difference.” 

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