Jacob Rees–Mogg renames BBC the Brexit bashing corporation in Question Time leave defence

27 Oct

“We trust the Bank of England to be A-political, to be independent and not to be the creature of whoever happens to be Chancellor.”

presenter David Dimbleby asked: “What was it he said that particularly offended you?”

replied: “He said that there would be a technical recession, but that is a recession.”

Mr Dimbleby interjected: “Well, a technical recession isn’t a recession, is it? It’s only a temporary recession.”

To which, Mr Rees-Mogg quipped: “All recessions have so far been temporary in the whole of history.

“A technical recession would see two-quarters of GDP reclining. He said that – he was completely wrong.

“And the treasury was worse it said there would be between 500,000 and 800,000 jobs lost purely on a vote to leave. Not actually anything happening.”

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