Jared O’Mara refuses to resign over sexist comments – but suggests Conservatives who make same remarks should step down

24 Oct

The MP for Sheffield Hallam, who was 26 at time, also criticised “the prevailing western tendency to deify fatties” and said that fat people do not “deserve our respect.”

In his interview with the youth culture magazine, he also blamed “lad culture and football” for his attitudes towards women and gay men.

The MP, who unseated former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in the 2017 General Election, has apologised for his words and said he will meet any critics in a gay bar in Sheffield for a “talk and a pint”.

Angela Rayler, the Shadow Education Secretary, defended her colleague, telling Sky News Mr O’Mara’s apology last night at the PLP “was a very difficult speech for him.

She said: “I suspect it was more difficult than his maiden speech but it was a heartfelt speech.

“He said he was homophobic, he was misogynistic, but those views he had 15 years ago were completely unacceptable and he changed his views from then. I think that’s courageous of him to do that.”

Despite Ms Rayner referencing Jared O’Mara’s maiden speech, it appears he has not yet made one – there is no record of it.

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