JFK files released by CIA ending wait of half a century – but some sensitive information withheld

27 Oct

In 1992 – in the wake of Oliver Stone’s film of the assassination and investigation entitled JFK – Congress passed an act directing the National Archives to collect information about Kennedy’s death to be released within 25 years. It set the deadline of 26 October 2017 for everything to be published.

However, academics who have studied Kennedy’s death, said they expected few new clues to why Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down the first and only Irish-American Catholic to hold the office.

Nor does anyone expect the information to kill off a slew of competing conspiracy theories implicating the CIA, Cuba or the Mafia in the plot.

“My students are really sceptical that Oswald was the lone assassin,” Patrick Maney, a professor of history at Boston College, told Reuters. “It’s hard to get our minds around this, that someone like a loner, a loser, could on his own have murdered Kennedy and changed the course of world history. But that’s where the evidence is.”

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