Juncker and Soros hold Brussels meeting to plot legal action against Hungarian government

21 Apr

Mr Soros is a highly controversial figure within Europe and especially in his homeland Hungary, where he is accused by right-wing leaders of trying to manipulate the country’s politics and undermine the government. 

In a speech in February, Mr Orban said likened the billionaire to a “large-bodied predator swimming in the waters” and said of his network of universities and NGOs: “This is the transborder empire of George Soros, with heaps of money and international heavy artillery. They are trying secretly and with foreign money to influence Hungarian politics.”

However, More than ten thousand Hungarians waving EU flags have protested against the plans to shut down his university, with Hungarian ministers subsequently hinting they may be open to a rethink. 

Mr Soros is a vocal supporter of the EU but has warned that the bloc will shrivel and die in its current state, urging eurocrats to press ahead with greater federalisation. 

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