Macron beseeches France not to choose ‘Thatcher or Trotsky’ as French presidential race enters final week

17 Apr

“The campaign has been tough. My opponents from all sides have tried only one thing: to finish me off rather than debate,” Mr Fillon told the crowd. “I surprised them once in the primary, we will surprise them a second time at the end of the week.”

He hit back at claims corruption allegations disqualified him for the top job, saying that “thirty six years in the service of my country gives me more moral authority than the three years spent at Rothschild bank” by Mr Macron.

At her rally, Ms Le Pen re-formulated her oft-cited claim that the presidential election pits “patriots against globalisers”, saying: What’s at stake in this campaign is civilisation is either a French vision, or a post-national vision.”

Promising an “immediate moratorium on legal immigration”, she said: “Mass immigration is not an opportunity for France, it’s a tragedy for France.”

A daily Opinionway poll on Monday put Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen neck and neck in the first round of voting at 22 percent, with Mr Fillon at their heals on 21 percent followed by Mr Mélenchon on 18 percent.

Mr Macron was seen beating the far-Right leader in the May 7 runoff by 64 per cent to 36.

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