Macron booed by Le Pen supporters during rust-belt factory tour 

26 Apr

Some in the crowd shouted “President Marine!” and booed as  he arrived outside the factory, just hours before he was due to travel to nearby Arras to address the first rally of the campaign to be held since the first round of voting last weekend.

“It’s important not to feed anger but to be up to meeting expectations,” he told the often hostile crowd. “Of course there’s anger in the country, there’s anguish, there’s a responsibility to take, that’s why I’m here.”

He told the workers the only reason the anti-immigrant and anti-EU Ms Le Pen had come to Amiens was “because I’m here”.

He also retorted on Twitter that she had spent “ten minutes with her supporters in a car park in front of the cameras” whereas he had spent “an hour and a half with union representatives and no media.”

Ms Le Pen, whose new campaign slogan is “Choose France”, meanwhile tweeted photos of her meeting the workers and said: “With me, their factory won’t close!”

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