Macron’s plot to ‘REVOLUTIONISE European politics’ in bid to choose Juncker’s successor

23 Oct

And he said the decision to make such extensive changes should led by the European Parliament and the Commission, not a single EU nation. 

Speaking after an EU summit on Friday, Mr Varadkar said Mr Macron was “a very different sort of politician” because of his lack of experience in lower tiers of government before becoming president. 

Asked whether he thought the French leader’s vision for eurozone had “stalled”, the Irish Taoiseach said: “I don’t agree with everything he’s suggesting, but I think his ambition is very welcome.”

He said the summit had shown a shared desire for eurozone reform, but added: “The best way to achieve progress is to use the community method to have that led by the institutions, led by President Junker and President Tusk, not by any one nation state. 

“It’s not that Macron’s ideas are not welcome, its just they are not any more welcome or any more important being put forward by any other prime minister or president.”

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