Madrid moves to curb Catalan powers after crisis cabinet meeting

21 Oct

According to Barcelona police, 450,000 took part in the demonstration, a number almost certainly boosted by Mr Rajoy’s announcement.

The spokesman for Mr Puigdemont’s PDeCat party in the senate, Josep Lluis Cleries, described the government’s move as “a coup d’état against the people of Catalonia”.

Mr Junqueras, the Catalan government’s number two, said that Mr Rajoy and his cabinet had “not just suspended autonomy; they have suspended democracy”.

In sweeping powers claimed by Spain’s government under Article 155, Prime Minister Rajoy will now have the power to dissolve Catalonia’s parliament.

The regional parliament will continue to sit until fresh elections are held, but it will not be able to exercise control over Catalonia’s new external rulers.

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