Marine Le Pen takes her fight to the Right as Macron dips in polls 

27 Apr

Mr Macron, who champions diversity, meanwhile paid a visit to the multi-ethnic Paris suburb of Sarcelles.

To chants of “Macron, president”, he said: “France is not what Mrs Le Pen says it is. It not this narrow, hateful face put forth by Marine Le Pen.”

The far-Right candidate also faced flak from another quarter.

Investigators probing alleged Front National expenses fraud at the European Parliament said the sum involved was now believed to be nearly €5 million, more than twice an initial estimate.

In March, Ms Le Pen invoked her immunity as an MEP in refusing to submit to questioning by French prosecutors until after the election.

“Five million euros, that’s nonsense,” said Wallerand de Saint Just, FN party treasurer.

Meanwhile, her replacement as acting leader of Front National during the final days of her presidential campaign faced criticism over past statements he made apparently questioning the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

In comments dating from 2000 unearthed by a journalist at La Croix newspaper, Jean-François Jalkh, an MEP, argued he was not a Holocaust denier but had spoken to a chemistry expert about Zyklon B, which was used in the extermination chambers.

“I consider that from a technical standpoint it is impossible – and I stress, impossible – to use it in mass exterminations. Why? Because you need several days to decontaminate a space … where Zyklon B has been used.”

Ms Le Pen has spent years trying to detoxify her party from its revisionist, anti-Semitic past.

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