May’s plan for a fairer Britain: Tory manifesto pledge to tackle social care crisis

18 May

“While and Labour retreat into an ideological comfort zone, ducking the difficult challenges which lay ahead, I will be straight with people, I won’t shy away from the challenges of our time, I will set out how we will tackle them head-on,” she said. 

“Because that is what leadership is about and on this key test, Jeremy Corbyn has failed once again. 

“If he can’t show real leadership in his party, how could he lead our country through Brexit?” 

Mrs May yesterday tore into Labour’s manifesto, launched earlier this week by Mr Corbyn. She warned that the tax-and-spend socialist blueprint would lead to “economic chaos” for families across the country if implemented. 

In a news conference with Chancellor Philip Hammond in London, the Prime Minister said ordinary people would “pay the price of Labour” in soaring taxes, mortgage rates and unemployment at a time when the country was going through Brexit negotiations. 

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