‘Neighbour from hell’ used fat figurine to taunt couple next door in bizarre campaign of harassment 

24 Oct

Every day, when Jennifer Anderson went to and from her home, she was taunted by a figurine of a reclining, overweight lady, which she knew resembled her.

The clay ornament, dressed in a blue striped dress just like hers, was moved around to ensure she saw it every time she passed through her front door.

Mrs Anderson, 61, might have been able to ignore it, but the figurine was simply the tip of the iceberg.

For years, she and her partner David Smith, 59, a former Royal Protection Squad bodyguard, were subjected to a campaign of harassment by their next-door neighbour, Barry Carr.

It was the last thing the couple expected when they moved to the quiet seaside cul-de-sac in Fleetwood, Lancs, five years ago.

But within months, Carr, a wealthy pensioner, had set up cameras to film them day in, day out.

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