NHS covered up breast surgeon with ‘God complex’ who needlessly butchered hundreds of women

28 Apr

“There are hundreds, if not thousands, of claimants and then we have got to think about people who haven’t come forward, people who have died. It’s on a huge scale.

“I would say, from our standpoint and what we know, there have been cover-ups since the late Nineties.”

Sara Burns, a medical negligence partner at Irwin Mitchell, said: “It is crucial that the whole healthcare industry learns from this as soon as possible.”

Heart of England NHS Trust said in a statement: “We welcome the verdict and appreciate the distress caused to Ian Paterson’s patients and families.”

A Royal College of Surgeons spokesman said: “It is now vital that all health services reflect on the lessons of this unacceptable practice.”

How victims thought Ian Paterson was saint in white coat

By Martin Evans and Katie Morley

With his convincing bedside manner and “god-like” status on the wards, Ian Paterson was able to manipulate his patients’ worst fears about cancer, persuading them to undergo whatever treatment or surgery he suggested.

Such was his reputation that concerned women across the West Midlands, and even further afield, would seek him out. Patients described how they borrowed thousands of pounds to fund operations after he told them their lives depended on it.

But the traumatic surgery was completely unnecessary, and was carried out to fund Paterson’s high-end lifestyle and luxury property empire. The Scottish-born consultant owned homes in Birmingham, Cardiff, Cheshire and the United States.

One victim said: “We all say the same, he had such a lovely manner. You felt that he was genuine and caring, and he just wasn’t like a normal consultant. He was very down to earth.

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