Nicola Sturgeon claims May’s attempts to block independence vote will ‘CRUMBLE TO DUST’

19 Apr

At the last general election, Ms Sturgeon’s party secured 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats at Westminster.

Following the Prime Minister’s call for a snap general election on June 8 this year, the SNP leader insisted her MPs were “raring to go” in their bid to achieve another election success.

Speaking in front of her MPs outside Parliament this morning, Ms Sturgeon accused Mrs May of putting her party’s interests ahead of the national interest.

Hailing the SNP’s MPs as the “the real and the only effective opposition to the Conservatives in the House of Commons”, the Scottish First Minister said: “Today we state our clear intention, we intend to win this election in Scotland and for Scotland because now more than ever Scotland needs strong voices.

“Yesterday it became clear beyond any doubt that for Theresa May party comes before country.”

Ms Sturgeon has used last summer’s Brexit vote to demand a second vote on Scottish independence.

More to follow…

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