NRA drops backs down over possible ban on ‘bump stocks’ 

8 Oct

The National Rifle Association, America’s biggest gun lobby group appeared to backtrack on Sunday on calls for regulation of deadly “bump stocks”, as the country’s gun control debate returned to familiar impasse.

Only days after the NRA appeared open to a possible ban on the devices which convert semi-automatic guns into fully automatic weapons, the group’s leaders began to quibble over the idea.

“We don’t believe bans ever worked on anything,” said Chris Cox, the NRA’s executive director, when asked whether the organisation would consider a ban on bump stocks following the Las Vegas massacre which left people 58 dead.

The row-back came as police in Las Vegas revealed that gunman Stephen Paddock had used mathematical calculations to maximise the death toll, working out his optimal distance and bullet trajectory on a piece of paper found in his 32nd-floor hotel suite.

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA vice president, accused Democrats of trying to politicise the massacre to achieve gun control, returning to the familiar NRA argument that America’s glut of privately-owned guns is essential for protection against ‘evil doers’.

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