Nuttall suffers car-crash quiz as ‘blushing’ leader ‘has no idea what Boston looks like’

30 Apr

The cringeworthy appearance saw Ridge declare: “All you have got to do is look at the picture on the screen and say whether or not this is a picture of Boston or somewhere else.”

However, the party leader – who proved his credentials by saying he was in Skegness yesterday – confused the constituency with Aylesbury and other towns.

Ridge scolded Mr Nuttall, saying he has “a little bit of homework to brush up on”.

He tried to defend his decision by saying the vast majority of MPs do not come from the constituency they represent. 

Viewers took to Twitter that the on-air quiz was cringy and emabrassing for the Ukip leader, who turned red during the questions.

One user said: “Terrible performance. Doesn’t even know if the pictures are taken in Boston.”

Others lauded Sophy Ridge for her “savage” tactics at making a fool of Paul Nuttall. 

However, some took pity on the Ukip leader, saying the game was just a “cheap shot”.

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