Phones4U founder says ex-business partner threatened staff with ‘allegations of drugs and illicit sex’ in ‘reign of terror’

24 Oct

“I have heard stories of two or three people who had nervous breakdowns or virtually nervous breakdowns.

“The whole thing to me was very bizarre. It really felt to me as if she needed medical help.”

He told the court he should have called in police.

Ms Dauriac claimed Mr Caudwell had orchestrated an “elaborate conspiracy” against her, launching an “unfair” expenses investigation.

The court has previously heard how she claimed £111 for coffee with three other people, £200.70 for “beauty treatment in Paris with John Caudwell,” £104 for a birthday cake and £127.07 for a flight to Spain for a “ladies client detox week.”

Signia lawyers said a credit card statement relating to a £135 “John Caudwell meeting” claim showed that the money had been spent at “Mad Lillies hair salon”.

Signia, which the pair set up together in 2009, has claimed that Ms Dauriac’s approach to expenses claims was brazen and that she was guilty of gross misconduct.

Mr Caudwell admitted that when they first met, he considered her an “excellent, highly competent private banker.”

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