PMQs LIVE: May SLAPS DOWN Corbyn: ‘Under Labour Britons are trapped in a life on benefits’

25 Oct

12.17pm: The thorny issue of Universal Care has prompted a series of attacks from both May and Corbyn, with the Labour leader branding the government “weak and divided”.

Mr Corbyn, said: “If only 8 per cent of the roll out has taken place and 20 per cent of those in receipt are dissatisfied that’s a cause for thought and maybe pause in the process.

“Only one Tory MP had the courage of their conviction to vote with us against universal credit.

“Can the Prime Minister pause and fix universal credit?”

Mrs May said: “We introduced UC as a simpler, more straightforward system to make sure work pays.

“Under Labour the low paid tax and then had it paid back to them in benefits. 

“People were trapped in a life on benefits for years. 

“Under Labour the number of workless households doubled and the benefits system cost households an extra £3,000 a year. We’ve given the low paid a pay rise, workers a tax cut and ensure it pays to work.”

Mr Corbyn said: “The architect of UC, the honourable member for Chingford, said: ‘One of the reasons I resigned from the Government was I didn’t actually agree with the additional waiting days.’ Does the PM agree with him?”

Mrs May, said: “Under the Labour party the right hon gentlemen is talking about rolling out a new benefits system. 

“Let’s talk about what happened when the Labour Party rushed to introduce tax credits. 

“I was not the only MP in this house who had people in their surgery who filled in the forms and years later the government came back and landed them with bills of thousands of pounds. 

“That’s what happened when you roll out a system quickly. That’s why we have thought about it.”

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