Police injured in protests against Right-wing AfD party congress in Germany

22 Apr

Some 10,000 protestors took to the streets of Cologne to demonstrate against the AfD’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies. But the numbers were well short of predictions of up to 50,000, and there were only isolated cases of violence.

One police officer was injured when he went to the aid of an AfD delegate who was being beaten by a masked protestor with a wooden stick.

A second officer was injured when he was attacked by prostestors with a sharp object.

“The situation has calmed. We’re hoping for things to stay peaceful today,” Jürgen Mathies, the city police chief, said.

“So far it has been quieter than expected, but we don’t know how many potential troublemakers are in the city,” a police source told Bild newspaper. “We’re on alert for an incident right up till Sunday night.”

The AfD conference is scheduled to last the entire weekend. Much of the city centre was on lockdown on Saturday, with shops and restaurants closed amid fears the protests could turn violent.

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