REVEALED: EU agency at centre of power struggle with UK employs just sixty British staff

21 Apr

The EBA does not publish a breakdown of the nationalities of its 159 officials, but does say that they come from 25 different member states meaning it employs at most 135 Britons. The organisation’s website lists precious few UK workers in senior positions, with none on its management board. 

In a statement it says that there is “no national quota system in operation” when it comes to hiring staff, however that bosses are obliged to “ensure geographical balance” across the EU’s 28 member states within its workforce. 

The revelations come after Brussels insisted this week that the UK would have “no choice” over the relocation of the two agencies after Brexit and that their futures were an EU issue that would play no part in the negotiations. 

In a stinging rebuke to Brexit secretary David Davis, who has suggested the UK will fight to keep hold of the bodies even after leaving the bloc, the EU Commission insisted the issue was not even up for discussion. 

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