REVEALED: How Britain can WIPE OUT trade cost of leaving EU and be better off in ONE MOVE

22 Apr

And given the strong growth in British trade to the region over the past 17 years, especially with emerging economy Mexico, Mr Coker said such a number would be “absolutely conservative”. 

Instead, the trade expert predicted swapping EU membership for NAFTA could be “accretive” and leave the UK better off in the long term because the US and Canada are much wealthier markets than Europe. 

He said many British companies, especially those dealing in services, could easily switch their main point of business to the richer North American marketplace in the event that Britain joined the club.

Mr Coker, now a lecturer at Westminster Business School, said: “Absolutely its conservative and, furthermore, reflects both the US and UK economies some twenty years ago. 

“Today, should a similar study be conducted, services would figure much larger. 

“And it’s far easier to sharply redirect and increase export of services rather than physical exports of manufactured goods. This could happen very, very quickly.” 

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