Sir John Major: ‘I have watched Tory turmoil with increasing dismay’

8 Oct

“We must persuade the Treasury that – while the cost of long-term borrowing is low – there is an opportunity to vastly accelerate public development of infrastructure and, in particular, housing.

“Useful initiatives have been announced but we need to go further. If this increases public debt we should – and could – accept that (as I believe the markets will) provided annual revenue expenditure is kept under control.”

Sir John was scathing about those agitating for a change in Tory leadership behind the scenes.

He said he was “saddened to see the news dominated by those who have been driven by their own personal agenda” adding “their conduct has undermined their own party, their own Prime Minister, and their own Government”.

The comments will be viewed as a slapdown to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, whose activities overshadowed much of the Tory conference until Mrs May’s ill-fated speech.

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