SNP attainment fund for poor children ‘used to plug budget gaps and give teachers pay rises’

27 Oct

Iain Gray, Scottish Labour’s education spokesman, said: “It was Labour who led the debate on targeted spending to close the attainment gap, but the SNP approach has been to introduce it while slashing core education budgets. It is a farcical state of affairs.”

Calling for tax rises for the wealthy, he added: “The only way to fix this is to stop the cuts and invest in core education budgets, while maintaining PEF as additional funding. “

Mr Gray, who is the East Lothian MSP, said he knew Preston Lodge High well “and their difficulty in recruiting a Maths teacher underlines the growing workforce crisis in our schools under the SNP.”

In their three-minute YouTube video, pupils from from S1 to S6 are seen holding up white boards with reasons why a teacher should join Preston Lodge, which they refer to by its initials.

Teachers are also featured, with one saying: “The learners are one of the best reasons to come to Preston Lodge High School as they are so enthusiastic, they’ll make you laugh.”

Mr Clark said: “The maths teacher shortage is significant and although the Scottish Government bursaries are a positive step, they will not solve the immediate crisis.”

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