Tactile Theresa woos Juncker at EU Summit – and look where she’s sat this year!

20 Oct

Yesterday Theresa May was caught by surprise yesterday when EU Council president Donald Tusk welcomed her to the two-day EU Summit by blowing her kiss.

Speaking as she arrived at the European Council summit, Mrs May demanded “urgency” in pushing forward exit negotiations with the bloc. 

She said: “This Council is about taking stock also about looking ahead to how we can tackle the challenges that we share across Europe. 

“That means, of course, continued cooperation, cooperation that must be at the heart of a strong future partnership that we want to build together. 

“Of course, we will also be looking at the concrete progress that has been made in our exit negotiations and look at setting out ambition plans for the weeks ahead, I particularly want to see an urgency in reaching an agreement on citizens rights.”

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