‘The EU won’t talk to us for three more months!’ Frustrated Brexit MP demands no-deal NOW

29 Oct

The Tory MP told Niall Paterson: “The point about triggering the World Trade Organisation (WTO) issue now is not jumping off a cliff.

“This is not some mad, crazy overreaction to fact that the talks haven’t started

“It is just being very prudent that we should take out an insurance policy that will give clarity to all our administrators, it will give clarity to all business.”

He said the EU’s strategy was intent on punishing Britain, which was clearer than ever given the future timeline of Brexit talks.

Mr Pateron said: “They have said now we are going to miss the whole of November, we’re not going to talk about trade unless they graciously concede it in the middle of December, so we’ll miss most of December, we won’t start talking to them until January and that is effectively three months. We should be getting on with this.”

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