TOOK YOUR TIME! Barnier finally admits EU is ready to SPEED UP Brexit negotiations

31 Oct

Today Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman backed Mr Barnier’s announcement as they said Britain’s preparations for leaving the European Union are accelerating significantly.

And they described the cabinet of senior ministers as united in seeking a Brexit deal from the EU.

Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, said during a recent visit to the Czech Republic: “We are offering a great deal on citizens, a great deal on money and an unconditional commitment to the defence of Europe. 

“Let’s hope we can move this thing forward and get these negotiations going.”

However Cabinet ministers are preparing to discuss the prospect of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal, amid reports the Bank of England has warned quitting could cost up to 75,000 financial services jobs.

Discussions at the regular meeting of Prime Minister Theresa May’s top team are expected to be dominated by Brexit, with “all contingencies” to be looked at as progress is assessed.

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