Two 14-year-olds arrested on terror charges in peaceful North Yorkshire town 

30 Oct

Witnesses reported seeing a large number of police vehicles on Grange Close and Boroughbridge Road, in Romanby, near a derelict former tyre garage, for most of the day on Saturday and into Sunday.

Numerous police cars were also seen on the A167, Boroughbridge Road, the main road to the southern end of Northallerton, which is known as North Yorkshire’s county town.

Residents reported seeing unmarked police cars along with four marked cars at the scene, as part of a police presence which remained at the scene from Saturday morning until 2pm on Sunday.

There were reports of searches taking place in Romanby on Sunday, with much of the police activity centred on a shed with a blue shutter door behind the main garage building.

People living nearby said they had been unaware there was a terrorism-related incident being investigated around them.

A Grange Close resident said: “The officers would only say that it’s an ongoing investigation, but if it’s connected to an investigation into terrorism then I’m shocked, really shocked.

“A few months back there was a problem with kids getting in there to use it as a skatepark, but the owners put some better security in and it’s been fine since. I’ve never seen anything suspicious at all.”

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