UK general election 2017: Poll tracker and odds

20 Apr

What are the betting odds for the UK General Election?

Political pollsters have taken a beating recently after failing to predict a Conservative majority in 2015, a Leave vote last summer and a Donald Trump victory in November.

For those who have lost faith in polling, there is another way of predicting electoral outcomes: ask people who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

Many now believe that political betting markets can better predict elections, relying on the wisdom of a crowd of punters to sort and weigh all the probabilities.

Coral’s latest odds for the election have Theresa May as most likely to continue as Prime Minister after the election. The latest odds for the party with the most seats are:

  • Conservative – 1/12
  • Labour – 10/1
  • Lib Dems – 28/1
  • Ukip – 100/1
  • Greens – 500/1

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