‘UK must pay as much as possible, as long as possible!’ Poland’s outburst on Brexit bill

18 Oct

Separately, comments from another senior EU foreign minister also suggested that European politicians may be deliberately winding down the clock on the Brexit negotiations to put pressure on the UK. 

Today European leaders were advised not to push too far with any attempt to “punish” Britain for leaving, with one eurosceptic MEP warning such a course of action could backfire on them badly. 

The remarks were revealed by Henry Newman, the director of the Open Europe think tank, at an event in Brussels yesterday exploring the various trade options available to Britain after it leaves. 

At one point the discussion, which was about the merits and drawbacks of the UK following either the Canadian, Norwegian or Swiss models of relationship with the EU, turned to the sluggish progress of the talks.

Mr Newman said: “When I was in Warsaw, the Polish foreign minister told me the EU27 may disagree on everything but they agree on one thing, which is that the UK should pay as much as possible for as long as possible.” 

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