US ‘will honour’ refugee deal with Australia that Trump called ‘dumb’ 

23 Apr

But Mr Pence said on Saturday that the US would honour the agreement, even if the administration didn’t agree with it. Under the deal, America would take up to 1,250 refugees housed by Australia in detention camps on the Pacific island nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Mr Trump’s anger over the agreement led to a tense phone call with Mr Turnbull in January, and an angry tweet in which the president called the deal “dumb”.

“President Trump has made it clear that we’ll honour the agreement. That doesn’t mean we admire the agreement,” Mr Pence said during a joint news conference with Mr Turnbull.

The prime minister, for his part, said that “whatever the reservations of the president are”, the decision “speaks volumes for the commitment, the integrity of President Trump, and your administration, sir, to honour that commitment.”

The fallout over the deal has strained the typically cosy alliance between America and Australia. A majority of Australians view Mr Trump unfavorably, and some of his critics have urged Australia to distance itself from America in favour of stronger ties with China.

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