‘Walk away’ Theresa May under pressure to quit Brexit talks and leave EU with NO DEAL

30 Oct

Senior donors to the Conservative Party said she must be ready for a no-deal Brexit rather than accept a bad and divisive settlement from Brussels.

Lord (Michael) Farmer, a Tory peer and former party treasurer, said the “paltry offer” David Cameron secured from the EU before last year’s referendum helped secure the Brexit vote.

“If another unsatisfactory and unfavourable deal is done with the EU negotiators, the divisive issue of Europe will not go away but smoulder on for another generation,” he said.

Vote Leave and Tory donor Jeremy Hosking said: “The EU is stonewalling on the divorce bill, increasing intolerably the political pressure on Mrs May, and we still have no idea whether the trade deal will be beneficial to the UK, or whether they will kick us further in the teeth when we are down.”

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