‘We continue’: Catalan minister defies Madrid by returning to work as Spain imposes direct rule

30 Oct

At least one member of the Catalan government defied Madrid on Monday morning by showing up to work at his office in Barcelona, despite the regional government being officially dissolved by Spain

Josep Rull posted a photograph of himself on Twitter sitting at his desk at the planning department, on which a copy of Monday’s edition of the Catalan newspaper El Punt Avui can be seen.

“At work, exercising the responsibilities conferred on me by the people of Catalonia”, read Mr Rull’s message, followed by a hashtag label “we continue”.

Spain’s interior minister, Juan Ignacio Zoído, appealed to Mr Rull to desist from his defiant attitude amid reports of Catalan police officers entering the ministry.

“I ask him to be sensible and to avoid dragging more public servants to the precipice”, Mr Zoído, who has taken over responsibilities for security in Catalonia as part of the Spanish government’s imposition of direct rule on the breakaway region.

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