‘We’re at breaking point’ Keep foreign aid cash for NHS pleads top cancer doctor

26 Oct

Conservative Party member Robert Barnes, 52, from Oldham, spoke for millions when he said: “I am supporting the Daily Express campaign because I believe in the old adage: charity begins at home. “We should be spending the money on our NHS, adult social care and the elderly who have worked hard to support our country.” 

The strength of feeling will intensify pressure on the Government to scrap a commitment that sees 0.7 per cent of our national income sent abroad. 

Health bosses say all maternity services, including routine antenatal treatment, is considered “immediately necessary” because during pregnancy there is the potential for an untreated condition to become life-threatening or cause permanent serious damage to either the mother or the baby. 

In one example cited by Mr Thomas, a Nigerian mother named Priscilla, who received fertility treatment at home, arrived in the UK to have quadruplets delivered by Caesarean section, despite not qualifying for NHS care. 

Experts estimate that her medical bills, which included months of intensive care for two babies in a neonatal unit, cost the taxpayer £500,000. 

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